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Submission Guidelines

Cut Content

If a remake lacks expansions, say which ones.


If the game has both a DRM and non-DRM version available, mark the DRM-Free option as well as the DRM in question. If a physical release without DRM is available, that should be mentioned in the comments.

False Advertising

Link to specific statements if possible.

In-game Purchases

Boosters are the things that make gameplay easier or faster, such as experience or lives. Comment section should contain information on how playable the game is while ignoring microtransactions (so something like Candy Crush would be shitted on in the comments, since it throws you a shiny microtransaction box at every opportunity).

Paid DLC

Any content that is not included in the main game goes here. Of course, having DLC is not necessarily bad (unless it's a day one DLC, which means it's been cut out from the base game and resold to increase price...), but a lot of it and frequently released can make the game a cash cow. Here is a good quote about the problems with paid DLC:

"When you get invested and emotionally attached to a game — and as we all know that's what gaming is about — you want to have the full game and have access to all the options. Why not have a bit better sword, armor or, yes, horse armor — if it's possible to. You might use it, you might not, but you want to have it. It's pure psychology and, from the 'here and now' business perspective, it's an opportunity to get more money out of each copy. I am not saying all DLCs are not worth the price, but I think this business model is definitely abused to say the least. We think things shouldn't look like this, and that's why we do it differently. We give this stuff for free."

Free DLC

Very pro-consumer and should be praised.

Bugs at launch

Link to sources if possible. This can be a steam review or a forum post, or anything. You can mention if the bugs have been fixed later in the comments.

Modding support

None, Limited or Full concerns ONLY official modding. Limited means something simple like a map or skin editor, Full is for games made with modding in mind. Banned - either through the license, DRM or online detection. If a game has unofficial modding support, you can mention that in the comments.

Moderation (online)

This is to be ignored if the game has no online multiplayer

Remakes and ports

If writing a negative article on a remake or port, tell the readers which is the better (best) version to play and why.

Comparisons to originals / fanmade mods

The thinking should go: What does this remake have over the originals? That goes into the left column. Now, do the fanmade mods have this as well? That goes into the right column. Now the other way - do fanmade mods add anything not included in the remake? Then put "No" into the left column, and "Yes" into the right. This way, people will know how much the remake actually adds, whether fanmade mods don't outclass it, and if it's worth the money. See DN3D World Tour article for example - there, you have six things added by the remake over the originals, four of which are also added by the FREE mod eDuke32. Then, you have three other things added by fanmade mods ONLY. So the mods win 7-6, and World Tour is proven a cash grab.

Thanks for submissions!