General Information
GenreOriginal developerOriginally releasedCurrent developerRemade inPayment
First Person Shooter3D Realms1996Gearbox Software201620 pounds on Steam
Specific issues
CategorySpecificsSources / Comments
CensorshipNoneInsubstantialModerateHeavyRed Cross symbol was removed from medkit (source:
Additional PurchasesCosmeticsSpecial ServicesBoostingLootboxesVirtual CurrencyExclusive Content
Modding supportNoneLimitedFull
False advertisingNoYesAs far as I can see.
Comparison to originals / fanmade mods
CategoryIncluded in World TourIncluded in fanmade modsSources / Comments
ExpansionsNoNoWorld Tour DOES NOT INCLUDE expansions such as Duke It Out In D.C and Nuclear Winter. So, they made a remake 20 years later, and could not even bother to add the expansions that have existed for so long. Of course, the fans can't just do that since Gearbox would go after them.
Higher resolutionsYesYes
Show level stats while playingYesYes
Recording playbackYesYeseDuke32 has it as well
Updated look of enemiesNoYesHigh Resolution Pack has 3D models, instead of sprites. World Tour's enemies are the same old 2D sprites as in the original.
Linux supportNoYeseDuke32 runs on Linux.
New episodeYesNoWorld Tour includes a new episode with 8 levels, new soundtrack, a new enemy and a new weapon.
Developer commentaryYesNoIf you enable it, World Tour will have microphones put in various places that, when you pick them up, will play developer commentary relating to that place on the map. Only some levels have it though.

Verdict: Cash grab. After Duke Nukem Forever's failure, Gearbox needed to justify the acquisition of the IP, and this is it. A 20 year old game was dug up from the grave, decorated with a lipstick and dumped onto nostalgic players. The new episode, (barely) updated graphics, new soundtrack and developer commentary are sure nice - if this was an expansion pack released in 1999 or so, not a full-priced game from 2016. They did not even include all the Duke content that was already there. Also, there's zero modding support unlike in eDuke32. But there's a darker story behind this game. Some time before its release, Gearbox took down EVERY SINGLE other Duke version from the Internet. Now, eDuke32 requires original game files, so you cannot legitimately play Duke Nukem 3D without buying Gearbox's version, unless you get a used CD, or pirate it.